Missing Meg

Our lovely little Black Cat Meg
Our lovely little Black Cat Meg

So I said goodbye to Meg, as I always do when I head out to work, knowing it would be a fair few hours before I saw her again. However I returned home on Saturday night from an afternoon and evening of work to only find 2 of my 3 cats at home. It was one of those evenings when I really just wanted to sit with my cats on the sofa, however Meg, who loves sits on the sofa, wasn’t in her usual spot on the kitchen table. I called her name and waited but she never came in, however I thought she might just be enjoying an evening out in the gardens.

Sunday came and I had to rush back to work, and there was still no sign of her. When I eventually returned home from work at 7pm on Sunday evening and I still couldn’t find her, I started to get very concerned
Description: Meg, a little jet black cat that is timid but loves attention. She’s not doesn’t always like other cats. She was last seen wearing a blue collar, with name tag, on Hampden Road in Higher Tranmere.

Lost Your Pet?

If you have lost your loved pet here’s my advice:

  • Firstly: Think clearly, where and when did you last see your pet
  • Secondly: Check your home, they may well have found somewhere within your home
  • Thirdly: Call your pets name and try and encourage them with treat
  • Check any favourite hiding holes
  • Speak to your neighbours, take a photo and ask if they’ve seen them, you may want to leave you details with them
  • Register them on the Animal Search Website
  • Pop a poster in your local shops
  • Put some posters around the area including a colour photo and contact details
  • Facebook: Find lost pets groups and pages in your area and share a post to them, and get your friends to share the post to there friends
  • For the Wirral: RSPCA Wirral and Wirral Animals lost and found
  • You may also want to try a Facebook, I did this, you can specify tiny budgets, i choose to try £3 and this has already reached 100 people in my town, although not my immediate area

If you reading this because your pet is lost, you have my sympathy.
I hope you find your loved pet really soon and unharmed
I’m very close to Meg and all I’ve thought about since I couldn’t find her is that I may never see her again. She used to run down the road to see me in the evening, and would always come and join me for TV, that’s the kind of pet she is.


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