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London Transport Museum Blog

Tim Dunn at Acton Depot

Many of the best ideas, and often many of the worst, start in a pub. Thus it was a surprise to me that following a Friday evening conversation in London Transport Museum’s Upper Deck cafe bar, the team at this organisation agreed to give me access to some of its many assets, including objects, staff, storage facilities, events ­– and even disused Tube stations.

Why did I ask for access? Well:

  1. I like interesting things, particularly if they’re about:
    (a) London or
    (b) Transport, especially old tube trains (spoiler: I do like trains. Quite a lot.)
    (c) Historic design
  2. I enjoy discovering the stories behind interesting things

The opportunity here is vast, because London Transport Museum has so much stuff. Incredible, remarkable, interesting stuff. It has steam locomotives that careered about underground and it has whole electric tube trains which enabled suburbia; it has trams that surfed London’s streets and it has

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